Espressione Barbaresco
April, 28 – 29   2019


Tutte le sfumature del Barbaresco DOCG 2016

Barbaresco DOCG 2016 is ready to present itself to the world.

Tradition. Essence. Land. History, Origins.

Wine always starts from here, from apparently simple values, but they include worlds, stories, faces and memories. These values come from unforgotten time away and are transmitted to date, generation after generation, in a swirl of voices, habits, hands, uses and stories that have carefully accompanied them to us.

Today, once again, as a small miracle that repeats itself, these values have been shared and told in an Event that put the wine in the first place, but at the same time spoke about territory, tradition, history, land, cru and people.

The first edition of Espressione Barbaresco, organized by Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco in the marvelous stage of Castello di Neive, dedicated to the presentation of the 2016 vintage of this important wine, has been able to combine flavors and words, history and taste, concreteness and magic, present and past.

A two-day event where the Barbaresco DOCG 2016 it has been the undisputed protagonist, able to show all those nuances that made him a great noble wine of Piedmont and an Ambassador of Italian oenology in the world. A level of prestige and worldwide reputation absolutely compatible with that

of the famous American journalist and wine writer Kerin O’Keefe, chosen as the official Testimonial and awarded by the president of Enoteca Massimo Caniggia as “Voce del Barbaresco 2016“.

Her was the honor of the Espressione Barbaresco opening with a Masterclass that took place on Sunday, April 28th at the Castello di Neive noble floor, with a large presence of Italian and international press. A strong and significant moment where Kerin was able to disclose this wine with authority and elegance and to conduct the tasting of 18 Barbaresco DOCG 2016 labels among the best, divided according to the production municipalities and winemaking techniques, with an expert explanation , for each label tasted, of the various organoleptic nuances and vinification methods.

Wine and tradition in the Kerin O’Keefe words, history and territory in those of Giancarlo Montaldo, great respected journalist and wine expert, as well as historic president of the Enoteca. He accompanied Kerin during the Masterclass and then led the guests to a “journey” departed from the Castel’s historic cellars and its ancient origins, to continue “inside the Territory”, in a Tour dei Cru. The path touched vineyards and hills of production, penetrating and describing with care and passion the whole wine area which represents one of the greatest expressions of the noble Piedmontese grape variety nebbiolo, that gives life to Barbaresco.

A first day that allowed the guests to deep immerse themselves in many aspects of the Barbaresco

itself, its history, its flavors and in its tradition, essence, earth and origins.

The event continued on Monday, April 29th in the Historical Cellars of the Castello di Neive for a face-to-face tasting with 68 Barbaresco producers. Entering the glance was something magical, recalling distant times, in a setting of vaulted walls and exposed bricks. The barrels ordered in a row and transformed into stations, ideally served the producers to expose their own bottles selected for this unique occasion . The entire morning was reserved for journalists and for Kerin O’Keefe, who had the opportunity to taste the most important Barbaresco labels, in addition to the Barbaresco DOCG 2016 of each winery, and to discuss directly with the producers.

Starting from 12:00 the Tasting opened the doors to all the operators of the sector invited and to the Wine Lovers. Glass in hand everybody experienced a tasting that has been able to merge the wines flavors and producers descriptions in a mix of taste and knowledge that made every taste a real discover.

Lots of people participate at the Event exceeding all the expectations and demostrating the great success of this first edition of Espressione Barbaresco.

A special thanks goes first of all to the Castello di Neive staff and to Italo Stupino for having welcomed us into this fascinating and beautiful historic structure which was the ideal location of the entire event.

Another thanks to the two figures that were the fulcrum of Espressione Barbaresco: Kerin O’Keefe, testimonial and voice of Barbaresco DOCG 2016, and Giancarlo Montaldo, who once again collaborated with us and as always worked with passion and commitment to reach the goal of culturally enhancing Our Territory.

Another thank you to all Consiglio dell’Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco, which was able to organize this event taking care of each detail, to the Donne dell’Enoteca, who worked intensely before and during the entire Event and to all the Sponsors.

A special thanks to the producers that with their presence, their professionalism and their wines have contributed to make this event great, as they contribute every day with their work and their passion to make our territory and Barbaresco wine great.

Finally, we would like to thank all the people who participated, marking the success of this first edition of Espressione Barbaresco, which aims to be the starting point of a cycle and a new step towards a clear path to reinforce the identity of our Enoteca and of our wines together with the transmission of the great values of our territory and the Barbaresco wine in Italy and in the world.

Live Streaming of the Masterclass held at the Piano Nobile of the Castello di Neive to present Barbaresco DOCG 2016 to the International Press.





Shades of colors and gradations of the lands where the grapes have grown , as values of territory, exposure, land, climate.

Shades of people who worked these grapes with passion and love and waited with emotion up to the moment when this wine was ready.

Shades of stories, secrets and essences that become the many facets that Barbaresco can offer as a gift from the first taste. Many nuances, a single wine: Barbaresco.

You are all invited to THE SECOND EDITION “ESPRESSIONE BARBARESCO 2020”. We are waiting for you!


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