Abrigo Mauro

Afterwards a long experience as a viticultural consultant joining an important Barbaresco company, Abrigo Mauro went back to the roots to work in the family estate inaugurating a small wine cellar in the 2014 at Treiso. The family-run farm has 10 hectares of vineyards and 4 hectares of hazelnuts.

Total annual production: 20.000 btl
Barbaresco annual production: 1.500 btl


Chardonnay Langhe
Barbera d’Alba
Dolcetto d’Alba
Nebbiolo d’Alba

Visits in the cellar

It’s possible to visit the cellar and to make tasting, by appointment.
Maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the cellar: 30.

Free wine tasting.

Contacts and Maps

Via Meruzzano 26, Treiso (Cn)
Tel. 0173 630128
Email: mauroabrigo73@gmail.com