Barbaresco’s regional Enoteca was established promote wine produced in the area.  It is located in a church once belonging to the Confraternity of San Donato, a religious order. It was built by the inhabitants of Barbaresco halfway through the the 19th century to give thanks for the excellent wine produced in the hills surrounding the village. The church is an ideal setting to demonstrate how vineyard and cellar technique come together to produce excellent wine. The Enoteca concentrates on the presentation of Barbaresco wines. More than 142 producers are represented, encompassing more than 240 wines and equaling more than 90 % of the entire production of the zone. Barbaresco wine from across the area is on sale in the Enoteca, along with Barbaresco, grappa and gadgets.

The Regional Enoteca also ships wine throughout the world.
For further information contact for the current price list and shipping charges.

Since few months the Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco has a new board of directors. The new president is Dr. Massimo Caniggia, executive in Piedmont region, appointed by the province of Cuneo and with a strong managerial experience in bodies with public participation. His work will be supported by a updated counsil, whose members represent all the municipalities of the area of production and are deeply linked to the world of Barbaresco wine: Simone Allario Piazzo, Luca Pasquero Elia (vice-presidents), Jole Dellapiana, Gabriele Occhetti, Franco Colombo e Luca Doglia.