The 2020 vintage began with a winter without any particular difficulties, characterized by mild temperatures and few precipitations, especially snowy. The first part of spring was relatively dry and sunny, ensuring a homogeneous vegetative growth.

The months of March and April have passed under the sign of good weather and mild temperatures, with little rainfall, followed by May and June quite rainy: this has allowed an important water accumulation in the soil that, combined with the not excessive temperatures of the summer prevented phenomena of water stress.

Nebbiolo ripened in optimal conditions: night temperatures not excessive have led to a rapid accumulation of polyphenols; the sugar content was optimal, as well as acidity, all this thanks to the abundant water supply with which the summer began.

We can say that we are facing an excellent vintage, with wines that have the ideal characteristics to reach a long aging.


Barbaresco 2020, from a typological and organoleptic point of view, is a wine of great structure and is the result of a vintage more alternate than the previous one, but which further underlines the “continental” character of its production. To the sight, therefore, you can find a Barbaresco with a beautiful garnet red color with evident ruby reflections, full and compact. The aroma, wide and complex, offers first of all fruity (raspberry and its jam, plum and cherry) and floral (dried violet and iris). Just mention the ethereal and spicy notes (cinnamon and black pepper).

In the mouth it is firm and of beautiful sapidity, deep in its expressions and persistent, Ultima note goes to its longevity, which reiterates the impressions from recent vintages: this Barbaresco will transfer over time its pleasant sensations of fragrance.

Finally, some economic data: in 2020, the area of vines increased to 783 hectares and for the first time the actual production exceeded 5 million bottles (5,128,920).