Distilleria Sibona

The Antica Distilleria Domenico Sibona is situated in Piobesi d’Alba, in the Roero area, a few kilometres from Alba. Sibona is one of the historical distilleries in the Piedmont region and can boast the oldest distillation licence, the N° 1, issued by UTF (the offi­cial institution that regulates all the operations having to do with distilleries): this is synonym of a great past and prestige. Originally, distillation was carried out by an old locomotive, which, in time, was replaced by copper alembics. Besides the selection of the best marc of the zone, Sibona’s grappas reach high quality levels thanks to accurate distillation, constant updating and improvement of the equipment.

Total annual production: 500.000 bottles
Grappa of Barbaresco annual production: 20.000 bottles

Le GRAPPE (Distillates)

Grappa di Barbaresco 
Grappa di Brachetto
Grappa di Arneis
Grappa di Dolcetto
Grappa di Chardonnay
Grappa di Barolo
Grappa di Nebbiolo
Grappa di Moscato
Grappa di Barbera
Grappa riserva Botti da Porto
Grappa riserva Botti da Sherry
Grappa riserva Botti da Madeira
Grappa riserva Botti da Tennessee Whiskey
Grappa riserva Botti da Rum
Magnum Botti da Porto
Magnum Botti da Madeira

Visits in the distillery

It’s possible to visit the cellar and to make tasting, by appointment.

Contacts and Maps

Via Castellero 5. 12040 Piobesi d’Alba.
Tel. 0173 614914
Email: info@distilleriasibona.it
Web: www.distilleriasibona.it