The year 2018 opened with a long winter that lasted until March with temperatures below average. Bud break, although somewhat late, was uniform. Spring continued with frequent rainfalls and temperatures which were not so high. Between the end of the month of May and the beginning of June there was a period in our vinegrowing area
marked by numerous storms, , bringing copious rains that created some difficulties for vinegrowers from a vineyard
management point of view.

The development of the summer season was gradual and from the middle of July temperatures rose significantly, which, accompanied by a long period of stable good weather, favored the ripening of the grapes. The heat continued throughout September and the absence of rainfall ensured excellent crop health.

The sugar gradations have increased in the last period of the season as has been seen an acceleration of the phenolic maturity, which has allowed to reach harvest with excellent parameters.

The wines obtained are harmonious, of excellent drinkability, good structure and color: the quality and quantity of phenolic substances ensure an excellent predisposition to aging.